Forgiveness II illusion

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Essence of Purification 


  • inability to forgive
  • unable to understand circumstances, situations
  • unresolved relationships, separations, conflict



  • obtaining perspective in any situation in any emotional disturbance
  • seeing beyond the current situation to a clearer picture ahead
  • the release of victim mentality
  • helping us to take responsible, proactive action

More Information:

This essence is excellent for any emotional upsets.

All events and experiences reflect the individual level of consciousness, perception and interpretation. The interplay of awareness, perception and interpretation determine our emotional response and therefore interaction with the world around us. Each factor is generated from within; it is our belief, our fear, our joy through which we perceive our experiences. By naming each belief, each fear, each misperception, you become conscious. This essence supports the growth of awareness; you are at one with your world and create it in the image of your most powerful emotions.

Recommended Usage: Add two to four drops of the essence into your water glass or bottle and drink throughout the day. Use essence bottle until finished.

Essences to use in combination: Bring Joy, Clarity, Recover our Memory

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