Colour Yellow

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Essence of Visibility


  • fear of standing out, the responsibilities of promotions, etc
  • releasing fears of being visible in and for relationship
  • stress


  • development of fearless thinking, a bold approach to life

More Information:

When we are too engaged within our mental body our minds create scenarios, vistas which are a reflection of our fears and not necessarily real. We ascribe meaning to all aspects of life which are determined by our past conditioning, our belief systems will then attract to us all the experiences which confirm the energy of the belief system and fulfill the energy requirements based on those beliefs. The Colour Yellow essence is the addition of energy equivalent to the walk in the park which brings fresh energy, blows the cobwebs from our minds. When we walk the angels speak to us, questioning our limited vision and beliefs, encouraging us to think joyfully and confidently. The addition of the sun energy to distorted aspects of thinking allows us to shine as the sun.

Recommended usage: One to two drops under the tongue. Use bottle until finished

Essences to use in combination: Let go of Fear, Lighten Up, Bring Joy

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"I had a sore knee which I had recently twisted. Even though I had been diagnosised with arthritis in the knee, I put several drops of "Spinal Clearance" around my knee, and within a short time I felt a tingling and 20 minutes later the pain had subsided t"
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