Let go of Envy II

$19.00 Quantity:

Essence of Empathy/Compassion


  • attract competitive behaviours in others
  • feel nervous in competitions


  • release the dynamic of proving self worth
  • enhances the energy of compassion and empathy with others
  • openheartedness

More Information:

Early periods in history required humans to compete for food and resources and this energy of competition now exists in our human DNA. The Let Go of Envy II essence addresses the distorted energy of competition that reflects low self esteem and self-worth. These aspects of self are mirrored and observed in our friendships and relationships. The more competitive the friends and family we have in our lives, we know the stronger the energy of survival exists within us. Our self doubts and self esteem are reflected to us by those who love us. In other cases the aspect of self esteem damaged within is reflected by a competitive colleague or acquaintance who sees the competition as a reflection of our primitive survival. Let Go of Envy II allows us to highlight the aspect of self which are mirrored by others; helping us to release these self judgments and therefore release the dynamic of competition from our relationships.

Recommended Usage: One to four drops in a water bottle drink throughout the day. Use essence bottle until finished.

Essence to use in combination: Colour Red, Let Go of Envy , Energiser

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