Diamond Healing

discover the diamond within and reset your emotional and spiritual boundaries

What is Diamond Healing?

This a guided process to help you connect to the boundaries of your true identity.  Connecting to your boundaries will  connect  you to Source creating an opening for new perceptions and therefore choices.  In this connection you will experience flow.

You can experience this process either in a one-on-one individual session or in group healing session with  Lucille or David. 

The cost of an individual session is $250.

Contact Lucille at lucillehenry@xtra.co.nz


The DNA Series

Diamond Healing DNA a series of channeled healings. It is a form of structural healing that addresses the egoic response to the external world, clearing egoic energetic patterns that are integrated at a DNA level. This work establishes new forms of perception for the individual, seeing the world with a new pair of eyes, yourself and others for who they truly are. With new perception is the letting go of old images old emotional reactions and behaviors so that your relationships can achieve a new level of being. Diamond healing consists of a series of eight sessions. Each session lasts about an hour an a half. Each session is carried out within a group (individual sessions are also available). The practitioner will prepare the participants by leading them into a semi-meditative state, ie quite aware. The practitioner will channel a series of invocations which will activate the realignment of the individual’s DNA structure. Each session results in the realignment of the DNA structures and the release of deeply held patterns of feelings and behaviors within each individual. The healing profoundly changes the individual’s reactive response to their world.

We also run a 'Tuning In' two day work shop. Find out more >

The Sessions Session 1 - Dominator - unlinking from key dominators of this lifetime and past. This session releases us from the key dominating DNA patterns that we are linked to. Dominators include: ancestry, parents, siblings, and cultural conditioners. This session establishes new patterns of freedom.

Session 2 - Red and Blue DNA strand healing. This session addresses the balance between the heart and the mind. We live in a mind dominated world and struggle to see the world through a heart perspective. In this session the metaphysical DNA encoding the mind and heart response (the blue and red strands) are unwound and the correct orientation is reestablished to balance to your emotional and mental worlds.

Session 3 - Green and Yellow DNA strand healing. This session addresses the aspects of protection of your energy field, and energy loss. Incorrect positioning of strands of spiritual DNA results in energy loss, which can result in feeling unsupported, unprotected, from others or entities. This session addresses the energy leaks and therefore, energy entry points strengthening the energy field, promoting a sense of well-being.

Session 4 - Inter-relationships of the DNA strands healing. This channeled healing rebalances the feelings and perceptions you have about yourself. Correcting your relationship with yourself improves your relationship with others.

Session 5 - Addictions. In this channeled session, repeated thinking and feeling patterns that are used to rebalance individual’s energy through addiction are addressed.

Session 6 - Integration. This channeled session is designed to integrate each strand to release the individual pain/story attached to each individual.

Session 7 - Balancing Male and Female strand healing. This session addresses the imbalance between giving and receiving, direction and receptacle establishing an inner strength to create what we wish to experience.

Session 8 - Hidden Dominators - This channeled healing addresses the hidden passive dominators ( such as guilt, emotional blackmail), that link through our DNA strands.

Session 9 - Integration. New perceptions, new reactions, freedom to be. Note that not all groups will require integration of the DNA healing at Session 6. In sum there are eight sessions.

Sessions starting March 2015. Contact us to book your place.

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