What is a vibrational essence?

The founders of Matariki Essences, David Gibson and Dr Lucille Henry, have used their ability to channel healing energy into a purified water dilution with brandy or vodka.  This solution holds the vibrating essence enabling you to apply it to whatever your need or want in life. 

Resonance is the vibrant effect caused by sympathetic vibration in surrounding bodies.  For example when tuning a piano using a tuning fork, the vibration will cause all notes of the same frequency to vibrate with the fork.  It is the same principle at work with vibrational essences.  When your personal vibration is in resonance with your desires, you begin the process of manifesting what you want to bring about for you in your life.

For instance, if you use the Matariki Essence called Trust, all those parts of the human energy field which understand trust will be amplified.  This amplification of the energy of trust within your individual energy field will help those untrusting parts of your field to vibrate at the frequency of trust.  It will help you let go of the fear of trusting.   

Matariki Essences bridge energy from the higher spiritual realms into a physical form which can be easily assimilated into the physical form of humans. This enhances and harmonises your individual energy field through your higher spiritual being. It passes to your body, mind and emotions, entering into the physical sphere of your everyday life.

Why Matariki Essences?

The founders of Matariki Essences have between them spent the last 25 years working with vibration, energy fields and many other forms of natural remedy. David Gibson and Lucille Henry’s Ph.D, work in healing people from all walks of life has helped hundreds overcome many different types of fear-based barriers so they can at last begin to enjoy life as they are meant to. No-one else has such depth of experience in helping people achieve harmony in this way.

As with other natural remedies, these vibrational essences are highly effective.

Introducing new energy

Firstly, if there is an under-developed energy in your life, adding an essence to your water on a daily basis introduces that energy to your body. By being exposed to the energy you want to experience: say, for instance, trust, you can strengthen, boost and intensify the energy of trust in your energy field. This energises the parts of you which are not in alignment with your goals and dreams and help you to realise all that you want.

The Law of Attraction says we attract what we think about and feel. Using Matariki Essences, we can change how we feel so then we can attract unconsciously that which we want consciously.

Correcting your energy

The second way Matariki Essences work is to correct the energy flow within your body.

Any emotional, mental or physical wound diverts the energy flow in your body to contain and compensate for the emotional wound. Matariki Essences redirect the flow of energy to its correct vibration by re-establishing the flow of energy through the chakras and meridian points. In turn, this re-energises and realigns the energy in the body and also brings energy to the area of hurt.

If, like so many of us, your wounds are not visible or physical, but relate to family beliefs and conditioning, re-establishing energy paths can assist in the release of fears and unhelpful repetitive patterns of behaviour.

Therefore we use Matariki essences to heal those aspects of ourselves of which we may not be overtly conscious but which still significantly influence our lives.

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