Colour Orange

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Essence of Creation/Male and Female Harmony


  • feelings of self doubt
  • feeling blocked unable to move forward
  • dominant inner critic


  • restores and rebuilds the idealistic creative aspect of self
  • diminishes the inner critic that undermines each project we undertake

More Information:

Feelings of self-doubt can be used to drive ourselves forward, improve our skills, assisting in the creative process by trying harder, but ultimately it is an energy that undermines us. We have to achieve in spite of self doubt. The Colour Orange assists in the release of self doubt in both the male and female aspects of our energy body. Blockages to creation and manifestation such as fears associated with projects, purpose and movement forward are a reflection of our self-doubt. The Colour Orange essence assists in the process of identifying hidden parts of self that are accepted as normal limitations of ability, what is brought to the light can be released.

Recommended Usage: Take one to two drops under the tongue.

Essences that can be used in combination: Recover our Memory, Male Balance, Female Balance

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