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Essence of Confidence and Self- Belief


  • feeling of a lost sense of purpose
  • losing sight of the bigger goals in life
  • feeling overwhelmed, loss of motivation
  • loss of sense self
  • loss of confidence


  • aids the process of choosing your own identity
  • an ability to move deeply within oneself (instead of outwardly/worldly affirmation towards self referral)
  • self-assurance

More Information:

Confidence comes from the process of energy moving from within to outside. (The opposite is requiring energy outside ourselves through affirmation, attention - both positive and negative.) When we touch our own essence we have no need for the external affirmation of the world, we merely share who we are. This essence, like the Colour Pink, allows us to see ourselves differently, with a new perception of self.

The three essences Love, Truth and Essence allow the impulses of the Higher Self / Higher levels of consciousness to be relayed effectively through into our conscious thoughts. They work effectively with the Colour Series to enhance the layers of consciousness being bought to conscious awareness.


Recommended Usage: Use one to two drop under the tongue. Use several times a day until the bottle is finished

Essences to use in combination: Let Go of Envy and Let Go of Envy II, Balance My Addiction


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