Romantic Nights

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Essence of Intimacy


  • find it difficult to set boundaries
  • don’t feel safe in relationship
  • keep others at a distance
  • keep repeating patterns in relationship
  • desire to form deeper connection with others


  • enables the setting of boundaries
  • breaks down fear of intimacy
  • assists in clearing blocks to intimacy
  • deepens connection and enhances our relationship with ourselves and all others

More Information:

Intimacy is the relaxation of personal boundaries to allow an energy connection at the core of the individuals being. These personal boundaries are relaxed voluntarily to achieve the connection. Not all individuals are comfortable with being emotionally open; they find energy of connection too intense or overwhelming, so they withdraw keeping others at a distance. They can create patterns in relationships, loneliness, being single and when in relationship avoid relaxing their boundaries. The essence of Romantic Nights assists in the healing the distance between ourselves and others. In the first stage the essence helps the individual identify where their personal boundaries are set. In the second stage the person can identify which boundaries they have difficulty setting in relationships. Identifying these aspects can help to enhance self love, individuals looking to create relationship in their lives and couples in creating harmony and a deeper connection to each other.

Recommended Usage: Add two to four drops of the essence into your water glass or bottle and drink throughout the day. Use essence bottle until finished.

Note: When working with this essence do not mix with other Matariki Essences.

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