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Essence of Alignment


  • tiredness
  • healing crisis
  • feeling out of sorts


  • assists in alignment of the auric layers to energise individual
  • deepens perception, understanding and therefore experience of spiritual concepts
  • contentedness
  • healing (in any form, emotional, bodywork)

More Information:

Spiritual information which is targeted to the mature adult may not be understood at the fundamental levels by the mind of the damaged teenager or child. The essence Energiser fills and mends holes in the aura, provides support and enhances the performance of the individual Matariki Essences (and can be used in conjunction with other vibrational essences) to increase the comprehension of energy by the system. Aids and assists the essences to provide ‘missing’ energy or rebalancing as required. When the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies are fully aligned it results in correct energy flow. Energy flowing fully within the individual results in a vigorous, lively approach to life and its challenges.

Recommended Usage: One to three drops directly under the tongue. Use until healing process is completed.

Essences to use in combination: This essence works well in conjunction with all Matariki Essences

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"I had a sore knee which I had recently twisted. Even though I had been diagnosised with arthritis in the knee, I put several drops of "Spinal Clearance" around my knee, and within a short time I felt a tingling and 20 minutes later the pain had subsided t"
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