Forgiveness I Karma

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Essence of Completion


  • unusual, bizarre, uncommon events, encounters
  • out of the ordinary compulsion
  • repetitive patterns in relationship, money etc
  • repetitive fears e.g. water


  • clears unresolved karmic energies
  • can help cleanse emotions and emotional baggage associated with karmic events
  • assists in making new choices

More Information:

These feelings often signal a karmic event is taking place. Forgiveness I essence assists in the completion of karmic events, understanding circumstances, events/experiences and relationships from a karmic perspective.

In choosing the Forgiveness Karma essence you are exploring a major theme in your life. Much as an actor chooses a role in a film, you are examining this role through the events and people that are currently in your life. Ask three questions;

• What is it you want to experience?

• What fear do you feel you need to release in order to feel protected?

• How do the events you are experiencing relate to your life purpose?

Answering these three key questions will help you identify your theme, and allow you to release the current events in your life.

Recommended Usage: Add two to four drops of the essence into your water glass or bottle and drink throughout the day. Use essence bottle until finished.

Essences to use in combination with: Forgiveness iIlusion.

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