Transformation Set

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Transformation kit description:

Moon essences were created to highlight the shadow between the light and dark within ourselves. In healing ourselves we improve our relationships with others. The Matariki Transformation set is designed to address key aspects of our everyday lives. These are; feeling connected to ourselves and others; forgiveness; transitions; communication; joy; intimacy; balance; giving and receiving; the inner child and perception; past and present.

Energy flow within the individual’s energy system is directed and optimised by each aspect of self being fully developed. Lack of self love, distorted belief systems and conditioning can lead to blocked energy pathways. The channeled essences within the Transformation kit are designed to highlight the shadows (unseen aspects of self) which create such blockages and help transform them.

Set Contents: Heart and Mind, Bring Joy, Let go of Grief, Forgiveness I Karma, Manifestation, Forgiveness II Illusion, Balance my Addication, Colour Blue, Let go of Envy, Romantic Nights, Clarity, Disperse Cloudy Emotion.

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