Let go of Fear

$19.00 Quantity:

The Essence of Fearlessness


  • frozen, can’t take action
  • fear of failure
  • procrastination
  • stress


  • new ventures
  • taking exams
  • interviews
  • public speaking
  • relieves fear and assists in action

More Information:

There are some fears which act like a virus and are contagious, so many suffer from similar fears at any one time - such as the lack of abundance. The Let Go of Fear essence allows the energy pathways which encode your particular fear or distraction to be highlighted. Fear can be the prelude to emotional growth. The Let Go of Fear essence assists the individual on the path of growth and expansion. It assists those parts of self damaged by a lack of self love to grow beyond individual fears and complete tasks the Higher Self has set.

Recommended Usage: One to three drops in a water bottle, drink throughout the day.

Essences to use in combination: Bring Joy , Colour Orange, Colour Yellow

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"I had a sore knee which I had recently twisted. Even though I had been diagnosised with arthritis in the knee, I put several drops of "Spinal Clearance" around my knee, and within a short time I felt a tingling and 20 minutes later the pain had subsided t"
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