Let Go Of Grief

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Essence of Transitions


  • loss of family and friends
  • changes in life circumstances such as separation and divorce
  • relocation of home, job, redundancy etc
  • feelings of emptiness on completion of projects
  • depression
  • stress


  • coping with grief
  • transitions
  • developing new perspectives and attitudes
  • new beginnings

More Information:

There are a myriad of transitions in our lives. They can start with the move from kindergarten to primary school, then to intermediate school and so on. Transitions which are automatic include being a girl, then becoming a teenager to a role which is not automatic but another stage of life such as being a mother. In each case the transition is to new cycle of life. Some other challenging transitions could be the loss of family, friends, career and so on. The Let Go of Grief essence helps the parts of self which struggle with these transitions in life. It helps those parts that grieve to honour that which has been, and integrate the very contribution of that which has been lost, into the new.

Recommended Usage: Add two to four drops of the essence into your water glass or bottle and drink throughout the day. Use essence bottle until finished.

Essences to use in combination: Colour Red, Let Go of Envy, Disperse Cloudy Emotion

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