Colour Blue

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Essence of Authenticity Indicators fear of speaking one’s truth attract entities feel unprotected Supports fear to self expression the joy of expression, from creative aspects to setting boundaries. Our voices restored or quietened to find their natural level. deep sleep protection for energy field More Information: The Colour Blue essences bring the outer aura to its correct vibration, therefore allowing the layers within the eggshell to self correct. The throat chakra denotes our ability to express ourselves. We use the power of vocalisation to express ourselves creatively and the music from within ourselves is expressed through sound. We also use our personal sound to protect ourselves. In connecting both the outer layer of the aura and the throat chakra, the body is bought to the correct vibration for full expression. When we can express ourselves fully we can protect ourself. The relationship between what we can express verbally, and therefore at the astral levels, protects us. In bringing the energy of our aura to its correct vibration entities and energies of fear are released from the aura. Also available in spray form. Also available in the Colour and Transformation Sets. Recommended Usage: Use one to two drops under tongue. In acute cases use bottle until finished. Essences to use in combination: Let Go of Envy

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"I had a sore knee which I had recently twisted. Even though I had been diagnosised with arthritis in the knee, I put several drops of "Spinal Clearance" around my knee, and within a short time I felt a tingling and 20 minutes later the pain had subsided t"
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