Tuning Into Higher Levels of Consciousness

This two day course assists and teaches participants access to the infinite field of knowledge at a conscious level.

Day one of the ‘Tuning in’ workshop is designed to help participants access a higher level of consciousness. It is a practically based workshop which teaches a method of attunement to a state of consciousness

  • Attain states of relaxation
  • Protection of your energy field,
  • Administer healing for yourself and others
  • Access to ‘clairvoyant’ information and so on
  • Dissolve fear

The day starts with a group healing designed to heal any resistance an individual may have to accessing deep states of consciousness. Focus is placed on each individual being able to identify and reproduce that state at will. Healing is facilitated/ channeled by guiding energies from the Pleiades.

The second half of the day is focused on how to access and release trapped energies within you. Any unresolved trauma, event, conflict or confusion creates a pool of energy that becomes ‘trapped’ within our energy field. Part of the healing process is being able to release the trapped energy safely and therefore heal yourself.

Day Two - Advanced

The law of attraction says quite simply that whatever we focus on we can manifest in our physical worlds, however many people struggle to see any results from this approach. Through the tuning process we identify reasons we have difficulty manifesting and use the process to dissolve the boundaries of your limiting beliefs and  thought-forms etc.    This process is taught so that you can actively work with own energy and spirit to heal your life and create the life you came to live.

On Day 2 participants learn to use their Source energy effectively to create the life they want. Successful manifestation of projects, dreams etc come from the alignment of individual thought structures, emotions and energy from Source effectively. As individuals our purpose is to learn to use our energy effectively to create our dreams and our unique contribution encoded in our DNA.

  • Understand the basis of emotional alignment and manifestation
  • Learn how to effectively create energy structures that can program the brain and higher self.
  • Tap into Source energy to activate these energy structures and in course achieve dreams and goals.
  • Understand the power of your emotions and create a new emotional reality
  • Create a new boundary of self, from bounded to boundless to realize your potential

10am - 5pm.

Courses start in March 2015

For more information contact us.

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